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I’m hoping I’m missing something simple.
My {exp:ce_cache:escape} tag pair simply seems to be ignored.

Templates aren’t unusual.

    {current_time format="%g:%i:%s"}

The time never changes.
When I look at the cached file through the CP, it shows the cached time, not the tag.

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Escaping will escape pretty much everything it can with {exp..} tags and later in the parse order. If you would like to escape things with an early parse order too, like global variables, you'll want to use pre escaping. Here's an explanation from the Pre Escaping documentation.

If the Escape tag is given a unique tagpart (example: {exp:ce_cache:escape:blah}…{/exp:ce_cache:escape:blah} has a unique tagpart of blah) then its tagdata will be pre-escaped (escaped even before segment variables and globals are parsed) when using EE 2.4.0+.

I hope that helps. :)


Here's a quick example:

   <p>This should be cached: {current_time}</p>

      <p>This should not be cached: {current_time}</p>

Disclaimer: I'm the author of CE Cache.

  • My problem was that I was trying to pre-escape within a snippet. 1.9.4 beta supports this. Thanks! Apr 9, 2013 at 11:19

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