I have a Multi Site Manager set up running 6 sites from a single EE installation.

I am trying to troubleshoot a problem on one of the sites and have turned on template debugging but it doesn't get shown. From past experience I have recalled that this is because the "sub-site" doesn't recognise me as being logged in as a Super Admin - even though I am logged in to the "master" site as a Super Admin.

How can I get the other sites to acknowledge that I am logged in to the CP?

Again, from memory I think I previously managed this by dropping an admin.php file into the sub-site's directory structure and logging in from that site instead of the main one. Not had time to try this again but I wondered if there was a "proper" way to do it?

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Step 3 of the MSM docs indicate that this is done by adding the admin.php to the web root for the site.

Open domain2’s new admin.php file (this is the file that allows Control Panel access on the new site) and make the following changes:

Tip: In some multi-site situations, you may not want to allow Control Panel access from anyhere other than domain1. This file can be removed in those cases.

Update the $system_path variable to indicate the path from this file to your installation’s system folder. Typically this can be a relative path, but some servers may require a full, absolute path.

$system_path = '../domain1.com/system/';

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