A recent import using Solspace importer where I just wanted to update a standard file field (NOT an asset field) has had the unfortunate side effect that in my assets file manager and assets fields all subfolders have gone missing. When I try to recreate a subfolder I get an alert telling me the folder already exists, but it's not visible in the asset file manager. All the data that's in the entry form is still correct but when trying to upload a file all subfolders have gone missing as well as in the assets file manager. Any suggestions on how to get these back?


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I can confirm a similar issue here

In our case updating Assets to 2.1 made subfolders disappear. However database was intact. Hence the error when trying to recreate same folders.

Solution was to

  1. Create a dummy folder
  2. Move all disappeared files/folders into the dummy folder
  3. Update indexes & delete references
  4. Rename dummy folder with the old folder name
  5. Update indexes & delete references again

Hope this helps

  • Cem, you have this all fixed up? If you have this site in the state prior to being fixed, I'd be happy for us to troubleshoot it directly.
    – Lisa
    Apr 16, 2013 at 16:29

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