I'm retrofitting Assets into an existing site and need to convert all of the existing file fields to Assets. All the file fields use the same upload directory and options, so I tried a query:

    field_type = 'assets',
    field_settings = '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'
    field_type = 'file'

That worked OK, but I guess Assets runs some extra functions to convert existing field values, which only seems to work if I manually click "update" from within the field settings in the control panel.

Is there a quick & easy way to bulk-convert those field values so they're compatible with Assets?

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