I am using ajw feedparser to output a feed from Songkick. It has been working correctly up until recently but now the date is showing as a day earlier than it should eg. 15th April instead of 16th. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! (The feedparser plugin support forum is pretty dead!)

    <h5>{start@date format='%M %j %Y'} &nbsp; <a href="{@uri}">
{if series@displayName}{series@displayName}, {/if}
{if venue@displayName}{venue@displayName}{/if}</a></h5> 
  • It just uses regular EE date formatting so it shouldn't be the plugin which is causing the issue. Are you sure this tag is correct? {start@date format='%M %j %Y'}? And have you checked the dates in the feed itself are correct?
    – Ian Young
    Apr 19, 2013 at 18:47

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A weird thing has happened and the date has resolved itself again without any changes on my part. Makes me think it was a songkick issue that has now been resolved!

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