how can I conditionally output rows of an matrix, if there are any? Eg:

{if matrixfield}
    <h2>Also check</h2>
        <a href="{url_title}">{title}</a><br />


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Yep, just check to see if the matrix field total_rows are greater than 0

{if my_matrix_field:total_rows > 0}
    Matrix field has rows
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So, I am not sure what you are looking for. The code below is an example how to work with conditionals for Matrix.


   {if no_results}
       No rows available

   {if '{row_count}' == '1'}
       <a href="{url_title}">{title} - First row</a>

  <a href="{url_title}">{title}</a>

   {if '{row_count}' == '{total_rows}'}
        <a href="{url_title}">{title} - Last row</a>

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