*updated The issue was not having www in the url. Assets works fine if I use www.mysite.com/system.... but not if I use mysite.com/system... in the url. www is required in the url for Assets to work. Is this a htaccess issue or can u recommend a fix P&T please? Thanks***

Just installed Assets 2.1 to test it out on EE2.5.5 - ran the ee server wizard and have what I need installed. If I try and update indexes in Assets the red button just turns opaque and does nothing. I also get no thumbnails and the refresh button just kept spinning endlessly. I reinstalled and uploaded Assets 2.1 twice. Seems to conflict with another module perhaps. Cache is 777, synchronised images in file pref etc... Any ideas? Thanks

update index does nothing (don't know where assets_test[2] is coming from? I have 2 images folders test and home...paths are correct) http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=c1608dd folder and thumbs not displayed http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=e7c53be

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    Apr 24, 2013 at 9:56

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I suspect that what was happening, based on your update, is that you were seeing JS cross-site security blocking, due the lack of 'www'. Your domains need to be consistent to avoid that problem - not just with P&T add-ons, at that. You should ensure that your installation always uses either www, or no www. Consistency there should help you avoid running into this.

-Lisa Wess Pixel & Tonic

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