I'm wondering about best practice, and if I'm setting myself up for trouble.

The goal: Limit an editor's Safecracker access to specific entries within a channel, based on the member group of the editor.

The setup: I'm using Zoo Visitor for members as channel entries. Thinking of using categories to limit Safecracker access within a channel.

An example: my_member_channel has an entry named Dan, who is in my_editors member group. Dan needs to be able to edit other users in the my_member_channel that have the category "Editor Category" selected, but no others.

This seems to work:

    {exp:channel:entries channel="my_member_channel" limit="1"}


        {if category_id == 1 && (member_group == '6' || member_group == '8')}
                If the category "Editor Category" (1) is selected, and the logged in user is in my_standard_admin (6) or my_editors (8) member group. 


                Various fields in the channel to be edited here,
                including a Matrix field with a Playa column:

                submit button




I tested this lightly, but it seems to work fine. So if I continue down this route I'll create "pseudo member categories" to be used in various channels and then conditionally check before showing the Safecracker form.

Am I missing a much more stable approach? I would prefer doing this all using the CP, but can't seem to work out a way to dole out the permissions in a custom enough way, therefore Safecracker.

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i wouldn't wrap safecracker inside a channel:entries tag. Fields like title, url_title etc. might collide. You can use an embed with safecracker (pass thru data) or use stash to capture info from the other channel first, and stash:get inside safecracker to show/hide information.

If there are multiple categories assigned, you might also want to limit the output of the {categories} tag with show="" and limit="" parameters:

  • Appreciate the help and good advice. So using categories (+ member groups) for safecracker permissions isn't crazy? Apr 30, 2013 at 3:25
  • Nope, not crazy. By default there is no fine grained access control in EE. A member (group) can either publish entries in a channel or not, and can edit entries published by others or not. There's also an add-on called Entry-access
    – GDmac
    May 1, 2013 at 8:23

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