When viewing a single entry in the category I am using pagination to view the second entry http://domain.ca/index.php/showroom/category/CATEGORY_NAME

Next goes to http://domain.ca/index.php/showroom/category/CATEGORY_NAME/P1 and so on.

But If I view the same page with an entry url: http://domain.ca/index.php/showroom/url_title My pagination switches to: {pagination_marker}

I have pagination="inline"

How do I get pagination to work both on a /P1 page as well as a url_title page?

I want to be able to display a single entry at a time with a link to go to next / previous. using a single template if I am viewing a category or a single url_title entry

  • Could you share some code - that would help.
    – CreateSean
    Apr 29, 2013 at 19:36
  • [code] {exp:channel:entries channel="portfolio" dynamic="yes" paginate="inline" limit="1" status="not Closed"} {title} {paginate} {if previous_page} <a href="{auto_path}"><</a> {/if} | {if next_page} <a href="{auto_path}">></a> {/if} {/paginate} {/exp:channel:entries}[/code] Apr 29, 2013 at 19:51
  • hope that helps. If I am viewing a category page I want to display one entry at a time with a link to go prev and next And using the same template I want the same pagination to work if I am viewing a single entry Apr 29, 2013 at 19:55

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I ended up just using http://devot-ee.com/add-ons/next-previous-links-anywhere seemed to work just great for me in this case

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