When creating a slider on my home page i had set the slider up as a channel, this allowed me to edit the channel and create a limit on how many slides where published. I was using the method of content -> publish -> slider to create a new slider. I would like to create a slider using a matrix field. I have create a variable group that allows me to edit the homepage and one of those variables is a matrix field, this is what i would LIKE to use to function my slider. How do i call the slider into my code correctly via a matrix field. Really my question is how does EE know im calling my matrix data?

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When you are saying

I created a variable group

I suppose that you are using Low Variables. That's generally the approach I take. Using Low variables, you just have to display the variable in your template using a tag pair and then use the normal matrix tags.

Sample code:

Low variable is called {lv_homeslider}

Matrix columns are called {matrix_slide_img}, {matrix_slide_url}, {matrix_slide_text}

{exp:low_variables:pair var="lv_homeslider"}

Hope that helps

EDIT: using low variables to the fullest

  • No problem, glad I could help. LV is a wonderful addon, useful for many many things: replacing snippets, featured content, washing dishes, etc. Edited answer with two useful links on the topic Apr 30, 2013 at 9:56

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