After upgrading to Playa 4.4.2 on ExpressionEngine 2.5.5 (Big client and quite reluctant to update to 2.6 until any issues are ironed out) we started getting "No entries exist for this related channel" messages on all fields that linked content from different sites through MSM.

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After looking through the source I found that changing lines 1762 and 1805 to

'site_id' => (isset($this->settings['sites']) ? $this->settings['sites'] : null)

Solved this issue for now.

  • Thanks Jeremy for reporting this. I'll get this to the team.
    – Lisa
    Apr 30, 2013 at 14:59

For Playa 4.4.3, the lines to update in ft.playa.php is 1888 and 1931.


'site_id' => (isset($this->settings['site_id']) ? $this->settings['site_id'] : null)


'site_id' => (isset($this->settings['sites']) ? $this->settings['sites'] : null)

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