I've setup some time ago a search field for matrix like so

{matrix_field search:matrix_col_01="value"} {Title}... {/if}

But now i need to add an extra value from a checkbox

{matrix_field search:matrix_col_01="value_from_checkbox" search:matrix_col_02="value_from_checkbox"} 

The problem now is i don't see any values unless checkboxes from matrix_col_01 AND matrix_col_02 are checked.

Is it possible to to have value_one AND/OR value_two ?

The reason why i need this is to return certain rows only that contain value_01 or value_02 , i don't want to show all rows in one time. Thanks!


You'd need to break it out into a regular conditional statement where the two search results are compared with the OR operator:

{if '{matrixfield search:matrix_col_01="value_from_checkbox"}' || '{matrixfield search:matrix_col_02="value_from_checkbox"}'}
  • Hi Ian thanks for the the answer, but this doesn't seem to work it returns nothing at all. i've tried the following {matrixfield} {if ...} .. {/if} {/matrixfield} and {if ..} {matrixfield}..{/matrixfield}{/if} but still nothing
    – Visual
    May 2 '13 at 9:46
  • Perhaps also to know that i've done this {matrixfield search:column="checkbox_value" search:column="checkbox_value"} ... {/matrixfield} that does work if both values are true ofc
    – Visual
    May 2 '13 at 9:48

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