Is there any reason this conditional wouldn't work?

{standard_page_events var_prefix="cat"}
    {exp:playa:coparents var_prefix="event" channel="events" child_id="{cat:entry_id}"}
        {if {event:count} == 1}<div class="banded"></div><hr>{/if}
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    Try {event:if count == 1}. May 1, 2013 at 16:42

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Brandon's solution worked great! Thanks!

{event:if count == 1}

Ian's suggestion worked great for me. Here was my working code

{if '{thirdorder:static_map_3rd_order}'} 
    <img src="{thirdorder:static_map_3rd_order}" alt="{thirdorder:title}" style="padding:10px;" width="100%"/>

You may need to wrap it in quotes. Try this:

{if '{event:count}' == '1'}<div class="banded"></div><hr>{/if}

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