Anyone know if it's possible to get back the name of the site an entry is from dynamically? Simple code example below:

{exp:channel:entries channel="news" site="siteA|siteB"}
  <p>Published: {entry_date format="%j %M %Y"} in {site_name}</p>

Tried using {site_name} and {site_label} but they just show the current site. Be nice to be able to get the site name and short name out.

Cheers, Ant

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For the name you could try a conditional with entry_site_id.

<p>Published: {entry_date format="%j %M %Y"} in {if entry_site_id == 1}Site name 1{/if}{if entry_site_id == 2}Site name 2{/if}</p>

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