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4 votes
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How would I go about integrating a jquery slider in EE with CE Img?

I'm currently trying (without much luck) to properly integrate the Allinone Thumbnail Banner into an EE template. I use CE Img with Matrix to feed the images. The original Allinone Html looks ...
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3 answers

Simplest/Most Efficient Way to create a Definition List in channel fields

I want to create a definition list and it's overkill to create a whole separate channel for this. Ideally in my channel entry there would be a field to create a definition list. What's the best way ...
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13 votes
4 answers

How do you do HTML tables?

I wonder how you guys do tables in ExpressionEngine? Sometimes there's a clear need for tables - semantically. Matrix is not an option since it can only have a predefined amount of columns. I used ...
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Is there an add-on that will export entry content as flat file on submit?

We are looking to convert an EE site to a static site, but leaving two sections of the site in ExpressionEngine. For these two sections, we want to use EE control panel to publish content, but it ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How to add .html to URL's

I am building a reasonable size replacement site in EE and will be migrating content from an existing static-built site. In order to maintain as many inbound and internal links as possible, what is ...
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