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For questions related to member specific accounts in ExpressionEngine.

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Account activation by non-admin user

When it comes to Account activation type (cp/settings/members) I have opted for “Manually moderated by administrator ” Is there any way to grant this right to non-admin user? I don’t see the ...
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Twitter and Facebook login support in EE

What do you recommend for implementing EE member sign-on support using Facebook and Twitter accounts? We are having a lot of trouble with our CAPTCHAs with EE comments and so we are considering ...
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Is it possible to show the 'Login as member' link to non super admin groups?

Does anyone know if it's possible to show the 'Login as member' link, (available to super admins on Member Profile view, under 'Member Administration') to other member groups??
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Tiered memberships

I'm currently in the speccing stages of a site and considering ExpressionEngine as an option. One of the requirements is for "tiered memberships" for instance: A user signs up as a member with a "...
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