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View "Entry view tracking" in CP content entries

Is it possible to display the view count of certain channels in the CP content overview? I am currently displaying these view count to my user on their overview page, but I am unable to add this field ...
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Changed our site IP address, now can't login to EE

We moved our site to a new server, have a new IP address. Now, when I go to and log in, I get a blank screen. Do I need to change the IP somewhere in the EE config ...
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Does anyone know how to create a staging for Expression Engine version 2?

I am wondering where can I find some steps to create a staging for EE2 ?
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CSS path problem in the EE3 installation script and in the Admin Panel

I installed EE 3.5.4 on a local server (Wamp 3.0.6 - Windows 10), during the installation script execution, the CSS files were not taken into account, then the installation display was summary. The ...
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How to redirect from front end to expression engine Admin panel

I tried login from front end and redirect it to adminpanel but it doesnot logged in to it. This is the code i tried. {exp:member:login_form return=""} ...
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ExpressionEngine 2.7.3 How do I directly execute a query against the database?

I navigate to Tools | Data | SQL Manager Select "Database Query Form" select table_name from information_schema.columns where column_name = 'flippityfloop' I select "Enable MySQL Error Output" and ...
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Newbie here with MSM issue

I am working on my first EE installs: a church ( site and school ( site. The main site is behaving fine. On the second site, however, if I enter the index.php (which I'...
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Error: This site is currently unavailable. And unable to login to CP

I'm running into a strange problem. A couple of days ago, my client started noticing that the site has an error: Error Message This site is currently unavailable And the CP (admin.php) gives me this ...
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EE error "The page you requested was not found."

I just made a fresh EE install on one of my clients shared server,and after setting up permissions etc when I try to access admin.php file I get this error "The page you requested was not found." I ...
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Problem: Linking to specific CMS page from external page

I've created an external "admin" page, but added a "Return to CMS" link .When this is clicked it redirects back to the EE admin page BUT it's logged me out and the URL is something like: http://...
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"Unable to initialize ExpressionEngine" when accessing CP URL

Experiencing some strangeness after deploying to Staging. I get this error when trying to access the EE CP: Unable to initialize ExpressionEngine. The EE core does not appear to be defined in your ...
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