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substitute S3 server name in Channel Images, Assets

I am currently using Channel Images 7.5.5 and Assets 4.1.3 in conjunction with ExpressionEngine 7.2.12. Many of these EEharbor add-ons, as well as others, require access to Amazon S3, which entails ...
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Assets and s3 Expression Engine 2

We run a really old website on EE2.... we're not in a position to upgrade for various reasons. I've just come to hookup s3 with the Assets module and when putting the secret id and access key and ...
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Assets not working with Amazon S3 external source

I have set up an external source for S3 and it's not working. I cannot update the index - the white bar shows up but nothing happens. I cannot upload - when I try, I get this error dialog box: "Could ...
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Assets out of memory

memory_limit is 2048M (from 7GB) but I got error when indexed big amazon s3 folder PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 25415 bytes) Tried add $...
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Possible to upload to S3 when using Assets field in channel form as file input?

Within a channel form, I'm using an Assets field that points to an S3 external source. I'm using the <input type="file" name="assets_field_name"> method (from
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Building a client portal

I built an EE site for a business client several years ago, and they are now asking about my adding a client portal to store and share documents. This would need to be a secure area of the site, as ...
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exp_assets_index_data table is MASSIVE

I'm running assets2, connecting to some S3 buckets. At the moment we're transitioning between one set of buckets and another, so I would expect our index to be twice as big as it will eventually be. ...
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