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Search query string in URL (EE 3.x) for Google Analytics

I've read tracking site searches in google analytics but this seems to be "old" - for ExpressionEngine 2.x and an outdated version of the Google Analytics tracking code. Does anyone know if this is ...
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adding container tags or tracking pixels

How do i add container tags or tracking pixels? I need to add code provided by third party digital media company so I can track conversions. How is this done on EE?
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Tracking Video Plays in Google Analytics

So I have a rescue client running EE 2.10.1 where the client has a number of videos across the site that he wants to track plays. Can anyone provide pointers on how I can achieve this? I'm not very ...
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tracking site searches with google universal analytics

I've been looking for a way to get Google Universal Analytics to keep track of our internal search results. We use the simple search and have results showing up in our search log inside EE. There is ...
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Setting User ID for Google Universal Analytics

I'm trying to set the User-ID for Google's new Universal Analytics, but it keeps erring saying " SyntaxError: Unexpected token '{' ". Here is my code; <script> (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['...
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Track logged-in user events

Have a site that has hundreds of PDF files which users can access once they create an EE member account. Client is asking if there is a way to track which files the user has downloaded and either log ...
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404 redirects and google analytics question

I read this article and setup my single entry pages with the 404 redirect conditional. I also setup the 404 page in the CP and set Strict URL's to YES. When I try and go to a broken link I do get ...
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Store/Google Analytics transactions discrepancy

Is there any reason why Store might not be logging transactions with Google Analytics apart from JS being disabled/unavailable? We have some orders not showing up in GA and the client is keen on ...
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Track one-time GA event for new user registrations

On the face of it this seemed like it would be something simple to implement, and a common requirement given how important a metric it is, however after a lot of searching and work around ideas this ...
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Is there a way to use $_GET variables on an EE site to pass Google Analytics the referrer info?

I manage a site for a local live-performance theatre that uses ExpressionEngine to manage their content and TicketMaster for it's online ticket sales. When a user buys a ticket through TM, they send ...
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tracking site searches in google analytics

In google analytics, you can track site searches by setting the query parameter. EE does not have search result URLs with a query parameter in them though i.e. search result URLs look like http://...
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