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Copy / export channel entry content

I have a production and local environment that I want to be able to transfer content between. I can't take a copy of the database as the production environment and local will be at different stages of ...
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How can I download and archive my entire EE website?

My client is moving to a different platform and they want me to "download" their current EE site so they can have an archive of it. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
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2 answers

Updating from 1.6.8 to 2.7.2 [duplicate]

Does anyone have any experience updating EE with this big of a jump between versions? I need to update a huge website to 2.7.2 so that I can upgrade to PHP 5.3 on the hosting server. Being that it's ...
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Backup Pro(ish) and Cron Job

I'm a newbie to Backup Pro / Backup Pro(ish), and also to Cron jobs, and was hoping someone could help as this is happening on every site I've tried to set up. I have Backup Pro(ish) installed on a ...
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General backup security question when using Amazon S3

I have a general security/privacy question about addons that use Amazon S3 for backup / file storage. Here's my scenario: I host most of my client sites myself and use my own Amazon S3 account to ...
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Safe Harbor not saving settings

I get this message in the CP trying to set Safe Harbor settings: Failed to save settings on Make sure your website is publicly accessible. The site is publicly accessible and ...
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