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Is there an EE addon for bulk status change from the entry edit screen?

I'm creating a site with a moderation process that requires all new entries in a certain channel to be saved in draft status, and then an admin or editors will approve those entries and update the ...
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1 answer

bulk update channel entries

Good evening, Im looking at creating a form for a website that allows for bulk updating of a price field within an expression engine channel, lets say for instance, increase all prices for all ...
1 vote
1 answer

Batch Channel Updating - Multiple Fields

Hi Im looking for advice in either code format or any addons/modules etc available for EE2. I have a channel that is set out as follows Title Description Price 1 Price 2 Price 3 Price 4 Category: (...
3 votes
1 answer

How to Batch Update Channel Preferences?

I inherited a site with a zillion channels, and every channel has "Automatically Convert URLs to Links?" set to "yes". Is there a query I can use to update the preferences for all of these channels ...
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