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A fieldtype that allows developers to create their own types of blocks, which editors can use to create rich content.

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Any way to make Bloqs modular/reorder-able

So I'm using bloqs ( for a project. On the backend, it seems to allow the content to be re-ordered: but in the code on the front end the bloqs are hard coded in place in the ...
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I'm getting 500 errors when working with Blocks

I've got a site that uses Blocks pretty extensively throughout. Up until a few weeks ago, everything was functioning nominally. But recently, trying to save entries that contain more than just a few ...
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ee3 bloqs and relationships

I have a channel that uses a Bloqs fieldtype in ee3. One of the defined blocks has a native relationship in it. I can output all the content from the related entries without a problem, but was ...
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Are the blocks in the Bloqs Add-On repeatable?

I am asking a very basic question which I could not with 100 % certainty answer by browsing both the old and new owner's web site and documentation of Bloqs (EE3)/Blocks (EE2) or by searching on EE ...
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How to crop images with the Blocks module?

I was wondering if there's a module/add-on around which lets me crop/resize images with the Blocks module?
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Grid/Matrix in Content Elements

I doubt I'm the first person to request this, but it seems such an obvious requirement I can't believe it's not been done as yet. I'm looking at Content Elements, or Blocks I want to be able to place ...
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Content seperation

Like most people, I have a content page that has different "blocks" of content, text blocks, pull quotes, images, gallery images, etc., If you're not using content elements or the "Blocks" plugins ...
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How can I convert a text field to either Content Elements or Blocks without losing existing content?

A site I manage has thousands of entries across dozens of channels where the main textual content is stored in Wygwam fields. I'd like to convert (or perhaps duplicate and convert) those fields over ...
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Wygwam, Channel Images and Blocks

I've looked at a bunch of posts on here but nothing specifically helps with this issue. Background: I like to offer users rich content choices and have achieved this in the past with a mixture of ...
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