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Is there any setting in Expression Engine that does not permit cross-origin framing?

Running EE 3.5.11 In the portfolio section of my website, I display websites that I have built using an iFrame. Most of them work and display properly, but there are a handful of ExpressionEngine ...
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EE not work with certain browsers?

This might sound like a novice question, but I am not finding any recent information on the internet in regard to this. Are there any browsers that don't work well with an expression engine CMS? Just ...
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Expresso Store2 - regular_price not showing in browsers other than Safari

I'm having this problem with browsers not displaying the old price next to the sale_price except in safari. Both the index page where all products are listed and the singel productpage are not showing....
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2 answers

Client reports errors and/or log-out when uploading a file

My client is reporting a problem that I am unable to reproduce, either locally or on the live, production server. The issue they are reporting comes when they try to change a file. The site contains a ...
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Delay on navigation // cache issue?

one of my customer told me that he was seeing a white page during site navigation. The white page he was talking about was just the browser empty pages; he sees it while navigating between the website ...
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Default HTML Buttons not visible with IE8

I have a client who informs me that the Default HTML Buttons are not appearing with the field. I am using a mac with Safari and Firefox and they display no problem. Anyone else encountered this ...
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