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can the "Entry Manager" in EE 3.4.6 do more than "remove"

In EE 2 we were able to bulk-edit several articles at once -- mostly to change their status, the time/date of publication, and the wording of the headline. But in EE 3.5.6, there seems to be less ...
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What's a Wholesale ordering solution?

We have hundreds of products that are purchased in bulk. It would be easiest if a user could go down a list and mark quantities and then submit an order. There doesn't have to be a checkout, because ...
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Communication module, batch send, "Unable to send email at this time" after many successful batches sent

I'm using EE 2.7.2 Sending out an email with Communication tool to an EE mailing list with about 3,000 people on it. Started sending fine in batches of 50, and then after about 2,300 sent it came up ...