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CE Cache - Very strange URLs in cache directory?

So, I tried pointing this out to our SysAdmin, but he says this looks normal and that EE generates these kinds of cache directories. But I'd like to verify, do these look like normal cache ...
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Tag Cache growing rapidly and too big to empty from CP

I've inherited an EE site that has a tag cache problem. The tag cache is grows rapidly and seems to be accelerating in its rate of growth recently. The problem this presents is that the tag cache can ...
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2 answers

Permsissions error on cache dir on local server

I'm getting the following error on my local machine after installing EE... An Error Was Encountered The following directory must be writable: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/website.local/library/...
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3 answers

clear the EE cache with cron job

What's the best way to clear the EE cache periodically without having to do it manually on sites? I know there's the Cron Clean Cache plugin but was looking for something more like a system URL that ...
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2 answers

Site load periodically blowing up, EE Cache related?

I have an error showing up in the logs for a site: "[Sun Jan 13 13:27:11 2013] [error] [client IP] mv: cannot move /path/public_html/system/expressionengine/cache/page_cache' to/path/public_html/...
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How to manage EE Cache files in Git?

I'm using Git for version control and have been battling with the system/expressionengine/cache folder a bit. Someone had removed it from the repo using an ignore, but then we got php errors because ...
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