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Simple Commerce, capture user information

I need to create a channel which editors can upload different events to and where user can then enter their details and pay to attend these events. I was going to use channels and simple commerce to ...
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How do I set up simple commerce to perform actions on a successful purchase/unsubscription?

I'm trying to set simple commerce to update a member field when a purchase has been made. How do I do this? I'd also like to do this when a user unsubscribes from our site.
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Store: How to write a custom payment method using merchant library

Its several days that i'm trying to solve a payment method problem, and I really need support to solve it. I have to create a new payment method, i studied the existing ones, i tried to simulate the ...
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How to best store simple transactional data

I'm adding a simple transactional element to a client site to allow their users to pay a bill online by completing a simple form with a payment amount and a bill reference. Payment will be handled by ...
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