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Questions tagged [config]

The process of configuring ExpressionEngine and/or third-party add-ons via the config.php file - or another configuration solution such as Focus Lab's EE Master Config.

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20 votes
8 answers

Config Bootstrap Options

Which config bootstrap options are available for ExpressionEngine? Which one works best in a multi server environment?
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9 votes
1 answer

setting 'site_name' in config doesn't seem to work

Having read through this discussion Config Bootstrap Options, and settled on using the method described on nettuts here, I've got myself a base build for EE with all my usual addons etc. That's all ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How to create a global variable inside config.php

I'm trying to build a simple config bootstrap for use in multi-server environments. I realise there are lots of config bootstraps around, but a lot of the popular ones seem a bit complicated for what ...
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2 answers

CE Image configuration for MSM

have an MSM site that I’ve just moved from test to production and we’re white screening on the front-end. I suspected CE Image straight off - commented out my tags and sure enough, the site loaded ...
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2 answers

Why wouldn't global variable parse correctly with Master Config?

Using Focus Lab's Master Config, I've set a test global variable for production, like so: $env_global['global_test'] = 'test'; Then in an embedded template I've dropped in {global_test}. Also tried ...
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1 answer

File structure for a staging site is different from production

On my current project the production site has the following folder structure: --system --config --public_html -assets -index.php -admin.php -etc. But, the staging site I need to create is ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Config.php file permission changed to 666 but installation won't run

I set permissions via SFTP to 666 on config.php and database.php but am getting this in the installation wizard: Your config.php file does not appear to have the proper file permissions. Please set ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What does $config['disable_all_tracking'] do?

Not sure how to choose to set $env_config['disable_all_tracking'] = 'y' or 'no'; When documentation says if set to 'y' some of the below settings are disregarded /* Tracking --------------------------...
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1 answer

Focus Lab Master Config vs System Config

My base template path doesn't appear to be working, and I'm not quite sure what I should have in the system/../config.php file? (I started with a config.php file from another project that doesn't use ...
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