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Questions tagged [config]

The process of configuring ExpressionEngine and/or third-party add-ons via the config.php file - or another configuration solution such as Focus Lab's EE Master Config.

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0 answers

system overrides for session timeouts -- deprecated?

There's a note in the docs (here) talking about cp_session_ttl and user_session_ttl overrides being replaced as part of the 2.8 update. But I can't see anything about it in the changelogs. Am I ...
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Upload XLS files in EE3?

I can't find a way to whitelist the mime type that will allow the user to upload XLS files. I've tried all of these settings but I'm still being blocked: $config['mime_whitelist_additions'] = array( ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Custom addons folder location in ExpressionEngine 3

Does anyone know if there is an config override for changing the addons folder location in ExpressionEngine 3. I can't see anything mentioned in the documentation but I was wondering if I have missed ...
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Multiple language setup with consolidated config file

I'm developing a multi-language site and wish to use the site root level ISO language code folder structure method. But it's not working – I get a blank page when visiting or
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Expression Engine install trouble (2.9.2)

I seem to be having some trouble getting expression engine to install on my server. I've set everything up as directed and still am having issues with it. When I go to the home page - no matter what I ...
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How do I add custom styles to Wygwam using a hook?

I want to add an extension to wygwam that allows me to add my own customized dropdown to the toolbar with different css styles. No idea where to start. I want simple styles for pull-quotes and lists. ...
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Does Throttling affect "good" bots negatively?

Throttling limits, "the number of page requests by a single IP address within a given time interval." In the ebook Securing ExpressionEngine 2, Mark Huot writes that, "[Throttling is] one of the first ...
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2 answers

HTTPS url just redirects back to HTTP

I have a site that's running EE 3.3 and I'm trying to change it to include the SSL certificate that's just been installed on the server. I normally can change the config or the URL settings to ...
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1 answer

Unable to change URL to the root directory of my site in global configuration?

Using Expression Engine 2 the going to Admin>General configuration I am trying to change both "URL to the root directory of your site" and "URL to your "themes" folder" I can type the changes in no ...
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2 different domains (MSM) frontend problem ONLY. We can not switch site and stay logged in

MSM site on different domains (NOT subdomains) When logged in to CP we can switch sites. When logged in through a frontend form we can not. Settings for all sites: cookies cookies Config system: ...
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1 answer

Updating Member preferences for one member group resets other member groups

I'm running 2.6.1 (can't update right now) I have 2 member groups (+ admin) Each time I update the channel publishing preferences the preferences of the other channel all revert to no access. Is ...
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2 answers

Entries can't be updated - 404

I'm having a problem with EE; when updating or creating an entry I get redirected to the 404 page. I've researched a lot because this is getting annoying. I've tried checking the .htaccess as a common ...
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1 answer

Themes folder above root

Is it possible to move the themes folder above the root? I am using MSM and want to move the folder away from the main site.
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Focus Lab Master Config vs System Config

My base template path doesn't appear to be working, and I'm not quite sure what I should have in the system/../config.php file? (I started with a config.php file from another project that doesn't use ...
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When I am logged in to expression engine, load times are much slower

I have a scrolling ajax section on the home page that takes ~40 msec to load when I am not logged in, and 110-130msec when I am logged in. I have disabled all user tracking, and played with cookies vs ...
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