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3 answers

Template variables conditions

Im on Expression engine 7 now. Im trying check template variable for condition. like so: {if site_logo_path != ""} <img src="{site_logo_path}"> {if:else} <h1>...
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Expresso Store: payment gateway settings in filesystem

Is it possible to store payment gateway settings in the file system, eg config.php? For example, I might want to have different settings for different environments, eg test gateway API for staging ...
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0 answers

Migrate EE install from enginehosting to acrustech and change domain name

My legacy site EE2.3 and mysql database for an expired domain name has been migrated from to Acrustech. I have the new login information for accessing control panel, database, and ...
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Switching default database engine to InnoDB

We recently altered our EE tables to use InnoDB as the database engine instead of MyISAM. All is good. INNODB is also set as the default engine in MySQL's preferences. I just noticed that when ...
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2 answers

Alternative ways to configure tags without using segment variables

I'm using EE for a few years now and pretty often I'm setting up segment variables to dynamically configure tags - like this: {exp:channel:entries channel="{segment_2}" entry_id="{segment_3}" ...
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Having issues with $config['debug'] = "1" and environments

I currently have environment variables in my config.php file to deal with databases but on the last couple of project I've had to turn on debug on more than one occasion. I added $config['debug'] = "1"...
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2 answers

Adding module configuration settings to config.php

As here, I'm looking to set some variables for a module. Creating a DB table seems a bit overkill (or maybe it's really not). I've noticed that the Simple Commerce Module does two things: creates DB ...
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How can I add configurable variables to my add-on?

I have developed a module, and now I would like it to make it configurable by admin users. How do I go about adding editable variables (I assume to the control panel page) and how do I later access ...
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2 answers

{auto_path} linking to category-url instead of page-entry-url?

Is it possible to modify the {auto_path} variable to return the category-url instead of the page-title-url? for example: if the search results url, set in channel -> preferences, is: http://...
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Using site_id or site_name Inside Master Config Environment Files

I'm engaged in the Herculean task of configuring Focus Lab Master Config with an MSM site. I'm trying to write some conditionals based on the site_id variable, but I keep getting errors. Right now I'...
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