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CartThrob v2.3.2 - How to set up free shipping on orders over £x after any discount has been subtracted?

I'm using CartThrob v2.3.2 on a site where the client would like to have free shipping on orders over £50 which is easily setup in the shipping options. However, when a customer uses a coupon code or ...
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How does CartThrob limit coupon code usage?

When you set up a coupon code, you can specify how many times it can be used per customer (via the "Per User Limit" field). However, how does CartThrob keep track of this? I assume by member ID, if ...
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Membrr: Coupon being ignored

I am having trouble with getting the coupon to work properly. According to the docs all I had to do was add a blank field with the name of coupon but it isn't working. When I test with a real coupon ...
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CartThrob: subscription discount coupon development

Bit of an odd/exceptional issue but we are using CartThrobn on a site to sell subscriptions. We want to be able to offer a reduced price subscription if a certain coupon code is added at checkout. We ...
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Expresso Store Promotional Codes

If we have someone using promotional codes in the checkout tag, is there any way to pull out and display what promo code has been used, once applied? I am thinking in the notes section of the promo ...
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Is there any configuration in cartthrob to ignore coupon on discounted product?

We provide, discount and coupon code on our store powered by cartthrob. Its seems, if someone coupon code works too on discounted products but we don't want user to apply coupon code on discounted ...
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Allow users to add coupons to CartThorb

I was wondering what is the best way to allow users to add coupons to CartThorb? Does CartThorb allow coupons to be added from templates, if not where should I start from to enable this functionality? ...
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Exp-resso store: coupon code including VAT

I just found out that the value of my coupon is without tax. Just like all the products in the store. However, i've sold the coupon code including tax, so there's something not quite right. How can ...
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Use an exp-resso store coupon code without being a member

Is it possible to use an exp-resso store coupon code without being logged in / without being a member? From the docs: Restrict to Member Group: If configured, the promo code will only be able to be ...
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Are coupon codes in CartThrob additive or last one in gets used?

Our store is running coupon promotion where the coupon is good until the end of the year. Let’s say the code is ENDOFYEAR (-25%). We’re also running a one day promo next week Monday with code ...
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