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Questions tagged [coupon-code]

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0 answers

Membrr: Coupon being ignored

I am having trouble with getting the coupon to work properly. According to the docs all I had to do was add a blank field with the name of coupon but it isn't working. When I test with a real coupon ...
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0 votes
1 answer

CartThrob v2.3.2 - How to set up free shipping on orders over £x after any discount has been subtracted?

I'm using CartThrob v2.3.2 on a site where the client would like to have free shipping on orders over £50 which is easily setup in the shipping options. However, when a customer uses a coupon code or ...
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0 answers

CartThrob: subscription discount coupon development

Bit of an odd/exceptional issue but we are using CartThrobn on a site to sell subscriptions. We want to be able to offer a reduced price subscription if a certain coupon code is added at checkout. We ...
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