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1 answer

EE3 Image cropping when image is uploaded

So I know EE3 have a built in image manipulation where you can either crop or constrain the image. I'm using picturefill to swap images for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. But the images for some reason ...
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1 answer

How to crop images with the Blocks module?

I was wondering if there's a module/add-on around which lets me crop/resize images with the Blocks module?
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1 answer

Save images from folder location to entry

I want my users to upload and crop images, when creating a new entry using Channel Form. I'd love to use Channel Images for all of my photo management, but since I'm not happy with it's crop tool - ...
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1 answer

"Maximum Image Width" in Upload Destination off by 1px sometimes

I have an "Images" Upload Destination where I have specified Maximum Image Width (in pixels) as 1400. But sometimes, I'd guess 50%, the image ends up at 1401. Any idea why? What happens is a user ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Any way to restrict image size on upload?

I have some fields where multiple images are uploaded. These images need to be created manually to ensure they're cropped correctly, and I want to ensure that each field only accepts an image cropped ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to get cropping functionality on front-end image upload?

Need to have users upload images on front-end via Safecracker but they need to be a specific width and height - otherwise could just limit the width - so really is going to need some cropping ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Image cropping/sizing with CE Image

I've got some images that are not square (portrait and landscape format), but I want them cropped square with CE Image. I've tried various parameters from the documentation, but the results are ...
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