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Custom Module tags seem to be parsed twice if stylesheet link is passed back to template

I’ve built a module that creates a new file from tagdata between a tag pair, before creating the new file if a similar file already exists it moves it to an archive folder, it then writes the path to ...
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Expression engine 3 - plugin not being picked up

I am trying to create a simple plugin, however EE is not picking it up so I cannot enable it. class Age_gate { public static $name = 'Age Gate'; public static $version = '1.0'; ...
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Using Custom Themes

Just getting starting with EE. I have a custom HTML5 theme I've been designing and would like to upload it to EE. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Any great free tutorials would be ...
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Trying to add items to a Shortlist using my own module

I'm using the Squarebit Shortlist module and extending it to add multiple items at once using my own module. I'm calling shortlist_item_model->add and passing a key array with an entry_id and a ...
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Is it possible to set up a custom date range for a Low Entries tag that looks for events in the current school year?

I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this - I have a Low Events template tag that I'd like to set up with a custom date range that searches for events within the current year, BUT that current ...
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Hook for when viewing single entry

I'm in the process of building my 1st extension (oi!) and I need to find a hook that allows me to fire off a routine when a member visits a single entry page. I have listing pages and single view ...
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Custom url with date and category_name

is possibile to build an url like this without use third party module? Thanks
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Expression Engine Control Panel

I am a newbie to EE. I went through the features and looks cool. I am planning to use it for my new project. But I want to know, whether its possible to create a custom page or function in control ...
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Customise Meta Titles in CP (Admin) Pages

So I've been customising the admin area with styling and low key branding - but cannot find any way of editing the meta titles, so am currently stuck with Login | ExpressionEngine etc in the <title&...
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ExpressionEngine - Send custom field in New Member Registration Email?

I need to send custom field data to the admin when a user registers. In this example I'm trying to send the ZIPCODE along with other standard fields. I'm using freemember to collect the custom field ...
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How to add a custom on/off setting for client

My client has requested the ability to turn a specific, site-wide feature on and off from the site-wide header. It’s a link to a specific page that they would like to “turn on” months after the launch....
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Using EE Templates in Custom Controllers Etc

I've gotten a custom controller set up in my EE install and I'm trying to use an EE template with the custom functions etc I need to use. <?php if (!defined('BASEPATH')) exit('This cannot be ...
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EE 2.7.1 Publish Layout fields disappearing

So I upgraded to EE 2.7.1 and I am having issues with my publish layouts. If I leave things well alone, all seems good in the world. However, if I go in and edit the layout to rearrange fields in a ...
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How do I hide or delete "open" and "closed" statuses from a custom status group?

I've created a custom status group in EE 2.6.1. I'd like to use my own statuses (draft, ready, send, sent) and I want to remove "open" and "closed", or rename them. What's the easiest way to get rid ...
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