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Creating user datasets when logged in

Did any of you encounter a situation where the solution is as follows: A logged in user able to do the following To create datasets on the fly. For e.g. 2019 - June - Shopping list - Fruits - [Apples....
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Cartthrob 3 : how to make a custom_data field required in checkout form?

I created a custom field in Order channel and created an imput named custom_data[nameofmycustomfield] in my checkout form as explained in the docs here. But I can't make it required (validation ...
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CartThrob: Pass custom field through checkout to be email recipient

My client wants to set email notifications based on product. So Product A would be mailed to, and Product B would be mailed to They would enter the recipient in the product ...
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Cartthrob checkout form with different billing and member information

Hoping to get a bit of Cartthrob insight. I'm wondering if it's possible to have a CT form which has different fields for Member information - for new member creation - and Billing information which ...
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