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Reorder Entry Fields in Channel

I have a channel with several entry fields. FieldType 1 FieldType 2 FieldType 3 I would like to reorder them in the CP so when a user creates a new entry the fieldtypes follow a different order. ...
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Expresso Store "custom order status" message input field - as textarea?

Is there a little modification to Expresso Store 2.5 that I can make that would turn the "custom order status" message input (that appears in the Order Status controls when you click "Edit Status", ...
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Channel entries Swith (looping) different DOM div blocks order?

I need display entries of a channel, is easy when you have the same structure of your DOM elements like: {exp:channel:entries channel="{channel}" limit="6" } <div class="{switch='row1|...
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Expresso Store: checkout and order custom field w/ amout value - how to calculate total

I have added an order custom field to the checkout process named "Would you like this order gift wrapped?" and there is one choice (check box) which is passing value, which is marking that order as a ...
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