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Questions tagged [database-migrations]

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Expression Engine + FreeForms Pro --> MS Dynamics Integration

At the moment we have a website running on Expression Engine with FreeForms Pro. We hope to integrate the forms in a way that this data exists in our MS Dynamics CRM package. What's the best way to ...
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Liquibase A Good Replacement for Krasimir Method of Database Syncing?

Like everyone, a major headache for us has been keeping databases between development and production servers in sync. We had implemented Krasimir's method to great success.
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Trying to export EE to WordPress and I can't get all of the content to show

I have a EE site that I'm trying to export to a WordPress site using this guide It's working ok, except I can't get all ...
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Migrating from one server to another - linebreaks in HTML

I'm migrating an EE (2.10.1) installation from one server to another. The CP seems ok, but all of the templates show linebreaks as \n, effectively breaking the site. The SQL import / export appeared ...
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