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Is there a way to display "last edit date" when viewing entries in the admin panel?

I am trying to find a way to view the last edit date of entries while in the control panel. I haven't found an EE2 plug-in or module, and have no idea of any other way to do it. Does anyone have any ...
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3 answers

How do I format the date in a foreign language?

I currently have the task of building an EE site in Chinese. All is going well so far, but I have a problem trying to get the date shown in chinese. Anyone have a solution to this? I'm just using the ...
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1 vote
2 answers

SAEF + Matrix + Date_field + custom layout, datepicker not displaying

I have a Matrix with a field called end_date and its cell type set to Date. When the Matrix field is placed inside the following Safecracker form, the end_date datepicker displays correctly in the ...
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What's the best way to get yesterday's date?

I am using Solspace's Date Field Filter to group sales on a site. I need to display everything from yesterday (relative to current date) and older. I also need to do this moving forward (forecasting), ...
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Date conditional for over test if over 2 years

Haven't used EE in a while and having a brain freeze on best way to do a date conditional. I have a date custom field for a DOB. I want to conditional show items if the person/child is over 2 years ...
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