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MySQL ERROR: Error Number: 1364 Description: Field 'whatever' doesn't have a default value

Firstable, I´m designer, hence my ignorance. It´s been awhile since I didn´t updated a site. The client asked me to make a new member in EE. I´ve been able always to do that on the spot, but this ...
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Is there a way to disallow comments by default in EE3?

Now that EE3 has done away with the idea of comments being a separate module that could be installed or uninstalled, the only way to 'turn off comments' that I can see is to go into each channel's ...
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1 answer

Site "forgot" what the default template was

I've had the same problem happen a few times, on several different EE sites, but I can't determine the cause so I'm turning to y'all. Symptom: The site's main index page will fail to load and will ...
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Default Expresso Store product modfiers [duplicate]

Is it possible to set up default price modifiers per channel since there are many modifiers for each product and a large number of products being uploaded?
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PHP Error - date_default_timezone_get()

Moved an EE site (v. 2.6.1) from local to development server. On the development server, I'm getting the following: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: date_default_timezone_get(...
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