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Unable to delete only existing row in Matrix field with required columns in Channel Form

I'm using a channel form with inline errors containing matrix fields in EE 2.10.1 with Matrix 2.6.1 The matrix fields are set to have no rows initially & they have some required columns, but the ...
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1 answer

how can i delete a complete website in EE admin?

I want to remove a demo website from an installation of expressionengine 2.7.1, I would like to purge all files, channels, entries, templates, everything. Is there a button in the menu what I havent ...
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404 Not Found error when deleting an entry

I've built several sites with EE but I've never had this error. In my last project, if I try to delete an entry (no matter from which channel) I receive a Not Found Page. Not Found The requested URL /...
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