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Subscriptions -- Credit Card Required? & OpenGateway Migration

Can a customer checkout without credit card information by using a voucher? We are using Stripe as the gateway, but certain customers are invoiced differently, (not through Stripe) thinking the ...
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DevDemon Subscriptions: Cannot view details of transaction in Logs

Using DevDemon Subscriptions v 1.6. Anytime that I go to "logs" and click on the ID of an entry to see if there are more details I get a screen that says "The requested module page could not be found."...
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How to provide a Renew option for DevDemon Subscriptions?

I cannot find how to offer a Renew process. There is no documentation about a {exp:subs:renew} or similar tag. The tag exists as I can see it in the subs file system, and blank output occurs to the ...
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DevDemon Subscription + EE3 buggy

{!-- rant --} I don't seem to get much in the way of support via DevDemon support request (even though I'm still within the 60-day purchase window). I've ran into multiple random bugs with the ...
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Populating tag parameter with date via math

I am having an issue getting a dynamic field to populate a parameter inside a tag. From what I have read it is because of parsing order. Specifically I am try to force a subscription via DevDemon ...
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Strip card errors not showing if logged out

Using Devdemon's Subscription system, we have a sign up and card form all on one page. If I enter the correct details for the account and card details when I am logged out (which most new sign ups ...
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DevDemon Subscriptions - Creating an import for CSV from legacy site

I am trying to assist a friend in importing their legacy data into the new DevDemon Subscriptions add-on. I have analyzed the database tables and data and feel it should be populating properly at this ...
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