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Completely Remove Date DST Conversions

I have an odd situation where a client wants to display a date as-is without any Daylight Savings Time conversions. Basically, if they enter a specific date they want it to display as is (with the ...
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Calendar Entries posted between 11:00pm and 11:59pm show on next day's

I've got a channel of events. The main exp:channel:calendar tag displays the entry on the appropriate grid day. When I follow to the date's detail template (/calendar/2013/11/22) the entry that was ...
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In EE 2.6 how do we set different localization/timezone site-wide than the server's timezone?

Presuming alternating DST is no longer an issue, I'm confused about the new change. It seems there is now only one configuration option but that is just for the server's time zone: This setting ...
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DST vs Datagrab

I'm importing a feed (of evens) with Datagrab, and using it to list them on my site. I have the event-date connected to the entry-date, "and all was well with the world". Right, so now DST-switch is ...
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Forcing DST settings for users

I noticed that my entry dates were being offset by one hour ahead and when I looked into the issue I found the user localization to be the problem. In my config file I have the following line: $...
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How are we supposed to manage time and respect localization/DST in EE?

Context: I recently setup EE in production and had some templates that were time-sensitive. In these templates I was using JavaScript to countdown to open a feature in case a member accessed the ...
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