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What is causing this cartthrob orders edit date formatting issue

Version Info: EE 3.4.5 Cartthrob Pro 3.0.2 While looking at my admin CP today, I noticed that all cartthrob placed orders have some really strange edit dates. While the exact cause is unknown to me, ...
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Problem with date/time setting

So I have ExpressionEngine Core Core v2.10.1 - Build Date: 20150501 installed and under localisation I have set to see 24 hour default time formatting and to include seconds in the default time format,...
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Relatively formatting edit_date

I'm inside this loop: {exp:channel:entries channel="people" disable="categories|member_data|pagination" status="open|closed" show_expired="yes" show_future_entries="yes" sort="asc" orderby="...
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Last edited by tag?

I have a report area on an EE site that shows specifics about entries in a channel, and was wondering if there was a way to show who edited that entry last? I am using the {edit_date format="%m-%d-%Y} ...
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Pass a UNIX Timestamp as a URL Segment to display entries edited since that date

I'm trying to create a template that will display a list of entries that have been added or edited since a particular date. The date would be passed as a UNIX timestamp in the URL like so; mydomain....
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current_time and edit_date are 5 hours off, PHP date() is correct

We built a site for a hospital and they can login to a special admin page where they can update location wait times using exp:channel:form When they first login, we show the last updated time and the ...
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Simple question... Can you display the latest revision author?

I need to track revisions for some docs and I am displaying the original creation author and date via: <li>Created: {entry_date format="%m/%d/%Y"}</li> <li>Author: {author}</li&...
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SuperSearch - Filtering results with edit date

Is there a way to filter supersearch results such that only entries edited after a certain date will be searched for? Our database is going to be massive and we don't want to load the db will ...
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issue with {edit_date}

Ok, I have the following: the edit_date is stored in the exp_channel_titles table in the edit_date field by default. This is the value 20130320100306 (20/03/2013 10:03:06) I tested the following ...
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ExpressionEngine edit_date formatting

Is there a reason the edit_date in exp_channel_titles isn't in Unix time format? I need to display the last edit date of a section of a website so I'm doing a simple query {exp:query sql="SELECT ...
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