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Questions tagged [ee2.11]

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1 answer

Allow PHP? not working in Expression Engine 2.11 templates

Has anyone experienced before having issues with the Allow PHP? option in the Templates not working? Suddenly, the server stopped recognizing the PHP code and it is now not able to show anything nor ...
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2 answers

Display Category Image/Description based on Category Id in url Query String

I'm working on an EE2 site (yes I know it's old) and we have a super search search results page that displays results from one particular category based on the url. What I need to do is get the ...
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1 answer

Migrating ExpressionEngine 2.11 to version 4

I have an installation with ExpressionEngine v. 2.11 and need to move it to a new server so that will involve upgrading the installation to version 4 Where can I find some steps for migrating and any ...
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1 answer

Update process freezes from 2.11.8 to 2.11.9, what do I do now?

This is an urgent issue, because it concerns a MSM site with three live sites. I try to update to the latest 2.xx version but the installer freezes in the process, to be exactly from 2.11.8 to 2.11.9 ....
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