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Capturing Attendee Information using Cartthrob 2.5 and EE 2.9

Has anyone had any luck adding the ability to capture attendee information, (i.e. name, company) as part of the Cartthrob 2.5 checkout with EE 2.9? We're stuck and can't upgrade and would appreciate ...
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Make a new live copy of EE 2.9.2 website to a new server with a new license

I am new to EE. I have a client who has existing EE 2.9.2 website up and running developed by another developer. The client wants to make a copy of this site to another server and point a new domain ...
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Cannot find 'Design' tab in the main menu

I'm new to the ExpressionEngine but I cannot find 'Design' tab in the main menu. Does anyone know how to add it or the provide the sample URL so that I can reach Design page on my site?
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CSRF bug on IE, unable to login to to CP EE 2.9.2

Got a weird one, on this site, Internet Explorer customers (all versions, even 10&11) are unable to search, add to their cart, and login to the control panel. ...
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