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New Filemanager in EE7 and Assets-Addon

For years we are using the Assets-Addon by EEHarbor as our filemanager. Now we have a rather big file-structure with maybe 4000, 5000 files (mostly images). Now with EE7 a new Filemanager has been ...
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Incrementing Grid Rows or Channel Entries inside of EEHarbor Polls loop?

For reference, I'm on ExpressionEngine 7 using EEHarbor's Polls add-on: Currently, the page displaying the Poll also has a Grid field holding an image, second ...
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File Manager Tab will not load EE7 fresh install

Just loaded an empty EE 7.4 install on a server with other EE 7 installs, that is running PHP 8.2.17 and MySQL 8 on IONOS server. Just started setting things up, creating channels etc. and on clicking ...
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Contact form needs to send email to content of email field - using Freeform Next v3

I need a contact form users can use to send an inquiry to an email provided with a list of multiple events. The email address is not visible to the public, but is provided with the channel entry for ...
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How to send CC Email in Freeform v2 Expressionengine

I've read official documentation but did not find any tag where I can send CC and BCC email notification after submit, if anyone knows please let me know.
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Using {paginate} in a {parents} pair tag

I'm using EE 7.3.9 have 2 channels related via a relationship field, and I would like to create a page showing all the entries in channel 1 (the parent) that have in common the same field in the ...
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