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Embed YouTube Video not displaying when code is in TextArea or TextField

I am running EE 5.2.6 and have an issue with embedding YouTube videos in a TextArea or TextField. If I do it this way, it does not display the video from the channel entry field. ... <div class="...
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MP3/Audio Player

I looked over at devot-ee for something that could play audio files. I did not see anything that is compatible with EE 2.9+. Does anyone have suggestions or know of any plugin that could be used?
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Video Embed Youtube Coding - Changing to Special Character

I am trying to add a field that allows users to embed a youtube or third party video code. I have the field configured to be a textarea with no formatting. When I try to add the embed code in an entry ...
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Wygwam field with sub-domains - Can't insert media from YouTube

ExpressionEngine v2.7.1 - Build Date: 20130924 Wygwam 3.1.2 If I create a new entry, I am able to click on the "Embed Media" button in the toolbar and paste the YouTube provided embed code, click "...
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