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Stash Embeds - Trying to be DRY

I'd like to know if/how Stash embeds could be used in a particular way. I'm trying to keep things DRY. Generally my templates look something like this: _wrapper.html <html> <body> &...
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Wygwam - automatically wrap media embed with custom html

I'm using Wygwam on a site, and I'm allowing content administrators to embed media (specifically, videos) within the main, body copy/content area. Is there a way to automatically wrap the embedded ...
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2 answers

Self-Referenced Relationships

I've set up three relationships in my products channel, pointing at...wait for it...the products channel. They're called also_like_1, 2 and 3. In my main template, inside my {exp:channel:entries ...
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Embed an exp:channel tag into Wygwam

Is it possible to put a exp:channel entries tag loop into a wygwam field? Simply placing something, e.g., {embed="Common/sidebar_people" show_channel="48"} ... fails. The "Allow EE Code" plugin I ...
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Problems Limiting within an Embed [duplicate]

We seem to be having some problems limiting within an embed. 2 Channels: Daily-Deals (approx 50 listings), Business-Listing (approx 10,000 listings). Each daily deal is related to a single ...
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Embedding PHP in EE tags or using equivalent expressions in PHP

There are so many essential things you simply can't do with EE; this is one I'm having issues with. What I want to do: Use AJAX to GET a template while sending data via the URL segments. In the ...
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