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'Entry Type' is a dropdown fieldtype by Rob Sanchez, that shows/hides fields on the publish page, depending on the entry’s status, Pages/Structure template.

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In the control panel, is there a way to make an entry field required if another entry field is selected?

EE v2.11.1 Entry Type v1.1.4 I'm using Entry Types to show/hide fields based on a selection. What I would like to do is show the fields and make some of them required if the admin user selects Yes on ...
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Having problem adding new ee field

How do I fix this problem? I've search online and renamed the entry_type_lang to lang.entry_type.php on my cpanel directory but still I get this error Unable to load the requested language file: ...
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Entry Type field

Has anyone used this add-on: Entry Type field I have it working in the publish page but when I try to use conditionals on the front it fails to work. The developer outlines use as: {if ...
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