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What is the URL to link to (paginate-able) single entry from channel index or category

I have an index page showing channel entries and also working as the category view. I want to link to a single entry from either of the above states and then be able to paginate to the next / ...
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2 answers

How to link to entries in a channel?

I have the following code <div id="navbar" class="collapse navbar-collapse"> <ul class="nav navbar-nav"> {exp:channel:entries channel="static" sort="asc" dynamic="off"} ...
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Linking a category in one channel to an entry ID in another

I've got a music site where I am displaying a list of recordings in a "recordings" channel on one page with some info about each one; I'm not using a single-entry page for these. For each recording, I'...
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Why does {comment_url_title_auto_path} not honor URLs across MSM sites?

I have a sidebar/latest-news template in siteA containing a few {comment_url_title_auto_path} links, resulting in URLs such as[url_title_here]. I embed it from a template in ...
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In content Name/ TItle Linking to entries?

Is it possible that in a text field to create a link to an entry ? ex : The movie ,, X MAN ,, is about to reach its top... Is it possible to have an easy way of adding the link to XMAN text ( a link ...
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Entry linking 2.1 with dynamic categories

I am using Entry Linking 2.1 to display prev/next entries in the SAME cateogry as the current single entry page. I cannot get the plugin to recognize the current category unless it is hardcoded. I ...
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inserting links to publish

When I try to insert a link under "Publish" on my website, the square appears for me to fill in the https info, but the square is empty.
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