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Why doesn't {if no_results}{redirect="404"}{/if} return a 404 header?

Under Design > Templates > Global Template Preferences I have Strict URLS set to yes and I've defined the 404 page (It lives at /errors/404). We're running EE 2.8.1 and PHP 5.3.27 Something like ...
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Unexpected results when using {redirect=404} and template layouts

It appears that when using the recommended method of {if no_results}{redirect=404}{/if} in a template that uses the template layout feature, it duplicates the layout, if a layout is also used on the ...
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404 Page is Appending Home Page

We have created a template called /site/404. The site is working correctly as far as pulling articles, and content properly for all of our different URLs. When we go to either a template that does ...
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Solspace Freeform Pro + composer and Error Page

Based on Solspace Freeform documnetation The Error Page function allows you to bypass the native EE error message template and create and customize your own. Simply create a new EE template and ...
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Changing error messages

( v2.7.3 ) Hi, I'm using the Simple Registration addon and allowing the form to use the email address as user and screen name. However, if an email address is not valid it triggers an error for both ...
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EE Language files, best practice for maintaining changes?

I'd like to make some of EE's built-in error messages more helpful to one site's users. And I know I can change these messages in EE system language files like system/expressionengine/language/english/...
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Redirect to static page if EE database is down

We have a client that would like to see a branded, non-EE error message if there is a problem with the EE database connection. Their database is hosted on a different server and has, on one or two ...
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Error 404 with structure after the 2nd segment

I am using structure, and therefore, sometimes I have more than the standard 2 segements (template_group/template). the error page get's triggered whenever the first or the second segment is ...
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Error pages in expresso store?

Looking to be able to style/customize error pages for Expresso Store or EE. Anyone have experience ideas of this please? Thanks.
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